Infinite Imagination is an IRS approved 501 (c) (3) non-profit performing arts organization formed specifically to educate the importance of performing arts in everyday lives for all children and adults. We believe all children and adults deserve the opportunity to participate and enjoy the performing arts and are committed to sharing our knowledge and abilities in a positive way. Our company is united in our efforts to build self-esteem, improved health, imagination and motivational skills through the performing arts. We are dedicated to providing education and enjoyment through performances, workshops and demonstrations throughout Southern California.  Each year we reach many youth and adults with a positive message and creative outlets. We are very involved in our community and reach out to disadvantaged youth as well as disabled youth. Our program relies on the sponsorships and donations of individuals and companies who realize the value of the performing arts in everyday lives.  Our youth are given performance opportunities throughout the community, focusing on senior centers and various community events. Infinite Imagination believes the performance arts are truly the purest form of self expression and believes everyone has the right to express themselves freely and purely .
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