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Infinite Imagination is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing workshops, demonstrations and performance opportunities for our youth and adults. We accomplish this through hard work as well as donations and sponsorships of individuals and businesses who believe in our commitment to providing education on the importance of the arts in everyday lives.  Our nonprofit is unique in that we educate our sponsored students and provide them with opportunities to entertain throughout the community at many events.  This enables the students to interact with the community and provides a positive experience for them to appreciate and value their contribution to others.  As they grow into adulthood, their positive experiences will strengthen their commitment to their community which will benefit everyone. Arts Camp Students select their preferred performing or visual art, including but not limited to, Dance, Music (Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass), Magic, Acting, Drawing and Painting.  All sponsored students will be given the opportunity to perform in a showcase for family, friends and members of the community upon completion of the program.  Also, students are given the opportunity to enroll in our ongoing sponsorship program to continue their education and performance opportunities. Workshops Infinite Imagination offers workshops for all ages where students participate and learn the fundamental techniques and history of the performing and visual arts in a positive, energetic environment. Choreography, songs, plays and magic acts are taught with emphasis on creativity, entertainment and individuality.  All sponsored students are given the opportunity to perform at various retirement centers, community events and fundraisers. Performances Infinite Imagination has a professional performance troupe that is available for private events, charity events, grand openings, and corporate events.  All performers are professionally trained and have contributed quality entertainment at many events throughout the United States.  Your donation for a performance is greatly appreciated as it will also be a contribution to our community efforts. Fundraisers Infinite Imagination hosts fundraisers each year, including a Casino Night, Silent Auction, Raffle and Variety Show. Each fundraiser provides continuing support for our community programs and enables us to expand our programs.  There are a vast amount of individuals within our community that do not have access to any art and our goal is to reach more of them each year.  We are dedicated in our efforts and appreciative of our volunteers and donors who help us achieve our goals.
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