DONATIONS Our success is dependent upon the generosity of individuals and businesses who believe in our efforts to provide education on the importance of the performing arts. During these hard economic times, we believe it is more important than ever to provide these services to as many individuals and groups as possible. Performing Arts provide self-esteem, motivation, relieve stress, provides exercise and helps students focus on their goals and talents. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated. Just click on the “Donate” button below to donate to our cause. Each donation, regardless of the amount, will be recognized and acknowledged on our website as well as by mail.  
  Donors Below is a partial list of our generous donors. All donations are greatly appreciated!
  • The Whittle Family
  • Animal Planet – Pit Boss
  • Dreyer’s
  • The Faunt Le Roy Family
  • The Bergeron Family
  • Target
  • Cal State San Bernardino
  VOLUNTEERS We welcome all volunteers and college interns. We value and appreciate everyone who takes time and effort to help us in our daily endeavors. Contact us at for more information   SPONSORSHIPS We welcome sponsorships that will allow our youth and/or seniors to participate in the performing arts on a regular basis. Each sponsor will receive updates on each sponsored student/performer and will be acknowledged at each performance. Sponsorships are very important as they provide long term goals for individuals and the ability to progress in their goals. Contact us at for more information    
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